Thank you so much for checking out my online boutique and wanting to learn more about the creator behind Lavish Boutique & Jewelry by Lori.

Jewelry by Lori was born in August 2016 during a time where I was itching to bring my creativity out into the universe.  I dabbled in art my entire life and was always a creative soul - I also always LOVED jewelry. 

There was something about being able to express my mood and personality through fashion - usually always, through jewelry.

A few years later, Jewelry by Lori is my full-time job. I am blessed to work from home and set my own hours while doing something which allows me to have such creative, spiritual, and financial freedom. 

Since 2016, Jewelry by Lori has collaborated with many stores in which I sell my jewelry in, attended hundreds of markets (including the St. John's Farmer's Market). 

Jewelry by Lori has evolved to become a brand focused on being meaningful and a form of expression to personalities and moods of all shapes and forms.  I hope that my pieces bring light and meaning to you in any way - and if so, then I know I am doing my job well. 

During the COVID pandemic, I was supported by my community and so many loyal customers throughout Canada and decided it was time to evolve.  I wanted to reach more customers than those who just love jewelry. I was blessed to be given the opportunity because of my beautiful jewelry customers and knew it was time to expand my business into a boutique - Lavish Boutique.  I am so excited to provide my customers with beautiful, meaningful products, so they can live "their kind of lavish". <3